Discovering the secrets of the Costa Blanca from the sea

The coastline of the province of Alicante, the Costa Blanca, despite having undergone an important anthropic transformation in the last 50-60 years, still hides many amazing places that keep their natural beauty intact.

In this sense, I have to admit that I especially like the Marina Alta region, since there the coastline is formed by impressive cliffs, such as those of Benitatxell or Xàbia, among which idyllic coves, such as La Granadella or El Moraig, are sheltered. .

In addition, there are much less known places. Sea caves that open in the middle of the cliffs or tiny coves that can only be accessed by sea. These types of fascinating places are what we can discover with the proposals that I present to you today.

Well, what do you say, do you accept the challenge? So… keep reading!

Table of Contents

1. Kayak route to the "secret cove" of Jávea and sea cave

For the more adventurous people, we start with this 3-hour water activity that allows us to discover fascinating places. We set sail from the famous Cala de la Granadella in Jávea (Xàbia). From there, you navigate around the impressive cliffs to a tiny “secret cove“, whose entrance is protected by a huge rock, and which can only be accessed by sea. You have surely seen photos of this place on social networks! The adventure does not end here, as afterwards you visit a sea cave where you can enjoy snorkeling.

This activity that is carried out by the hand of professional guides, who know the place like the back of their hand, and with all the relevant safety measures.

2. Ifach Rock from the sea, catamaran trip

The Ifach Rock (Penyal d’Ifac in Valencian) is a huge mass of limestone rock over 300 meters high that rises off the coast of Calpe (Alicante). Declared a natural park in 1987 ―the oldest in Alicante―, the rock gives rise to a space of singular beauty and ecological value, being the habitat of many endemic flora species.

There is a hiking route that allows you to ascend to the top of the Penyal d’Ifach (reservation required), but the truth is that the best way to admire this colossus of rock is from the sea. And that is precisely the activity that we are going to do: a 2-hour trip aboard a great catamaran, where you will also have the opportunity to take a dip in the high seas.

3. The spectacular coast of Jávea, from the sea

Xàbia (Jávea) can boast of what is probably the most beautiful stretch of coastline on the Costa Blanca. Islands and islets, reefs, reefs, sea caves, cliffs … A succession of geographical accidents, each more striking and beautiful …

If you think that a kayak route is too risky for you, then this activity will allow you to know the natural wonders of Jávea in a calm and relaxed way. Sailing on a catamaran is a pleasant experience since, thanks to its excellent stability, the journey becomes pure enjoyment. The typical swaying of the boats is hardly noticeable here, so you sure won’t get dizzy.

That said, on this 2 and a half hour excursion you can contemplate many of the wonders of the Jávea coastline:

✓ Cap Prim
✓ Illa del Portitxol and Cala Barraca
✓ Cabo de la Nao

They are amazing places from land, but from the sea I assure you that the experience is memorable. If you consider yourself a “lover of the Terreta” person, you have to live this at least once in your life …

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