Albir Lighthouse Route

L’Albir Lighthouse Route, Serra Gelada Natural Park

In the northeastern end of the Serra Gelada Natural Park we find the Albir Lighthouse . The red route of the natural park, a gentle asphalt path, allows us to reach the lighthouse in just 2.5 kilometers. It is a very easy walk with excellent views of the Bay of Altea and the Serra Gelada itself. This track is perfect to enjoy with children .

Starting point of the route, how to get there

The start of the route will be the Information Point of Albir ( see map ). This access point has been recently renovated (2015), and has a great parking where you can leave your car. However, due to the large influx of people, you may find it full if you go on weekends. No problem, you can leave the car in the nearby urbanization.

Route Faro Albir - Sierra Helada
Information Point, start of the route

The route: 5 kilometers in total

At the beginning of the route we find different information panels about it. It is a round trip of 5 kilometers. The approximate time is one and a half hours. I recommend, as always, do it without haste and enjoy each of the viewpoints. It is a suitable route to do with children; You can even do it with the baby cart.

For bicycle enthusiasts , say that it is a bicycle path , that is, suitable for cycling. If we choose this option, we must remember that pedestrians have preference.

Route Faro Albir - Sierra Helada
Information panel of the route

A little more than a hundred meters from the beginning of the route we find a recreational area with some tables and shade . We will have to get up early if we want to take a place.

A little further on we find the bifurcation of the yellow route : La Travesía de la Serra Gelada . It is a route of medium / high difficulty that runs along the ridge of the mountain range.

We continue advancing and we arrive at the first viewpoints of the route. The second balcony is especially beautiful, with fantastic views of the Bay of Altea , with the Sierra de Bernia in the background.

Mirador Bahía Altea - Faro Albir, Sierra Helada

The day I made the route, the visibility was not too good. Despite this, from the second viewpoint we could easily see the Peñón de Ifach , also a natural park, located in the neighboring Calp (Calpe).

Mirador Bahía Altea - Faro Albir, Sierra Helada

Along the route we find different information panels of the photographic route #instalbir , an initiative of the Department of Tourism of l’Alfàs. If you are an instagramer , do not forget to follow Turismo l’Alfàs on Instagram . The information of the photographic route can be downloaded here .

Route Faro Albir - Instalbir Instagram

As I said at the beginning of the post, it is a cycle path . A good option to travel the route, because the unevenness of it is very smooth. You can also choose to use BiciAltea rental bicycles .

Cycling path Faro Albir

Close to the Faro del Albir, we find another viewpoint, a fantastic ledge in the face of the mountains that overlooks the sea, with its impressive cliffs and fossil dunes .

Serra Gelada Viewpoint - Faro Albir

After 2.5 kilometers we reach the end of the route: The Interpretation Center of the Faro del Albir .Here we can visit the exhibition of photographs on the Faro del Albir and the Serra Gelada, with a lot of information and curious facts.

Faro del Albir, Serra Gelada

Opening hours of the Interpretation Center of Faro de l’Albir


  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m.
  • Saturday and Sunday: 10:00 hs – 13:30 hs


  • Monday – Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
  • Sunday: 10:00 am – 1:30 pm
  • Wednesday – Saturday: 18 – 21 h

For guided tours, call 965 889 424

Interpretation Center Faro del Albir
Views of the Alto del Gobernador (antennas) from the Faro del Albir

I hope you enjoyed the route, see you in the next!

Similar route in Serra Gelada

At the other end of the Serra Gelada , in the part that overlooks the Bay of Benidorm, we find a hiking trail similar to that of the Faro de l’Albir, also suitable for all audiences:

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NOTE: this article is an adaptation for English language made by Fernando Prieto, author of the original content published in LinkAlicante.


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