Things to do in and around CHULILLA (Valencia)

For lovers of hiking, Chulilla will be the perfect destination to discover, especially because it has a lot to do. You can see Chulilla and its routes in just one day, although if you want to make the most of the experience, it is best to dedicate at least two days to discover all the things there are to do.

This is a town located in the heart of the Serranía region, and which is only 62 kilometers from Valencia, where you will have a great experience. There you can find a great wealth of its natural heritage, and it is a perfect place for hiking.

In any case, so that you can know the routes that you cannot miss in Chulilla, I invite you to continue reading this post carefully.


Things to do in Chulilla

There is no doubt that in Chulilla you will never get bored if what you want is a truly unique hiking or mountaineering experience. In all cases, within the routes that you cannot miss in Chulilla are:


Chulilla Castle

Chulilla Castle is located on the highest part of the hill on which the old town is perched, on the edge of the Turia Canyon. It dates from the 14th century and in 1981 it was declared a Historic-Artistic Monument. It is worth spending a few hours strolling through Chulilla, passing by its church and continuing up to its castle, from where you can see a beautiful view of the town and its privileged location.


Hanging Bridges Route

Also known as the Pantaneros Route, this was a route created in the 1950s, and is one of the main tourist attractions in Chulilla. The route was originally created to shorten the distance between the town and the reservoir and thus help the workers.

The route is quite short, only 5 kilometers long, and has a medium-low difficulty. It is a route that has several slopes and its bridges are simply unique, with a height of 15 meters and a length of 21 meters the first. The second bridge has a height of 5.5 meters and a length of 18 meters.

On the route there are several points to rest, and it is a charming route that you will not want to miss, since you will be walking through a deep canyon.

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Charco Azul Route

It is another short route that is 3.8 kilometers long and its difficulty is quite low. “This route starts at the town’s main beach, and as you walk you can begin to see the imposing Turia River Canyon. On this route you can find several rest points, and you can bathe in the waters of the Turia river.

On the other hand, you can also find facilities that were made at the beginning of the century to take advantage of water. These pipes cross the subsoil to carry water to the power plant. This route will end at Charco Azul, which is quite popular with locals in the area.

This route does not have great slopes, and it is perfect for you to go with your family or friends. In the summer months it is recommended to do the route with sun protection, and bring your swimsuit to take a bath in the Turia river.


Cueva del Gollizno, Cueva del Tesoro and Frailecico

This is a route that is 5 kilometers long and has a medium-high difficulty. It is a circular path that will allow you to get to know all the flora of Chulilla, and it will start in the Plaza de la Baronia. On this route you must look for the Turia river and cross the Los Huertos bridge, from where you can see the old Chulilla orchard.

You will arrive at the Turia Canyon, and this extends to the Loriguilla reservoir, following this route you will arrive at the Cueva del Gollizno. This cave collects the waters of La Punta and during the rainy season you can see an impressive waterfall.

Then you must return to find the Cueva del Tesoro, which has a fairly small entrance. You should go carefully inside the cave, and it is best to go equipped with a flashlight and, as far as possible, with a rope.

After visiting it, you will have to continue ascending to La Punta where you can have impressive views of the canyon and the town of Chulilla itself. At the end you will reach the point where the path back to the town square begins.


Route Chulilla – Gestalgar

It is the longest hiking route you will find in Chulilla with a total of 12 kilometers. Its difficulty is medium-low, and you must descend until you reach the river following the paved road. You must cross the bridge and the route will run along a farm road, which continues for 600 meters to where you will cross the Falfiguera ravine.

As you continue walking you will reach the La Rinconá bridge where you can stock up on water to continue with the route. The river is larger in this area, and on the other side of the river is the Balneario de Fuencaliente. Further on you will come to the mouth of the River Sot, and about 200 meters further on you will come across the Colindón.

From there you can admire the remains of a Roman aqueduct, and to the left the rock formations known as Pichardos. Continuing the route you will reach the Barranco Hondo, where you will find a change in vegetation and it is a slightly more shady area. The route continues through a spectacular Turia gorge carved into the stone.

Continuing with your tour you can reach Peña María, and the route ends in Gestalgar, passing through an old dam destroyed by the famous flood. When you arrive in the town of Gestalgar, you should not miss the opportunity to visit its old town and its castle.

Other recommended routes in Chulilla

The routes that I have already shown you are among the most popular in Chulilla, but it does not mean that they are the only ones. You can also enjoy to know the following:

  • Route La Muela
  • Chulilla – Loriguilla Reservoir – Sot de Chera
  • Cuevas-Peñeta
  • Alto de la Bandera Route

As you can see, there are many interesting things that you cannot miss in Chulilla, and that you can enjoy at all times. You will always be able to discover something new to do in this beautiful town and in all the natural places that are in its surroundings. For this reason, it is an experience that you simply do not want to miss and that will certainly not leave you indifferent.

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