6 Via Ferrata in Alicante / Costa Blanca

Every time we find more people willing to put on the harness and head for the heights thanks to the via ferrata. Therefore, if a sport like rock climbing seems too strenuous for you, it’s okay since ordinary mortals can embark on the adventure of verticality with via ferratas.

In this way, we are going to inform you about five of the most famous routes prepared for beginners that the fantastic geography of Alicante offers us. Of course, remember that security is basic and you should not lower your guard against this type of route. Our advice is that if you do not have experience, hire the services of a certified active tourism company. That said… Let’s go with the best via ferratas in Alicante!


1. Ponotx via ferrata (Polop de la Marina)

Ponotx is a real mecca for more experienced climbers, but there is also room for less experienced climbers who just want to enjoy a comfortable and uncomplicated ascent. You will find the Via Ferrata del Ponotx in the magnificent block of rock known as the sleeping lion, in the town of Polop de la Marina. From it, in addition, you will enjoy a formidable panoramic view of our beloved Mediterranean.

But don’t be afraid of anything because this route is perfectly equipped and in excellent condition, in addition the cleats are very close together and this facilitates the task of ascending.

Once at the top, you will have to face a vertiginous rappel to return. Remember to use a rope of at least 70 meters! This detail is extremely important and your life may depend on it.


2. Via Ferrata Callosa de Segura

Very close to Orihuela, in the Vega Baja del Segura region, the Sierra de Callosa rises powerfully above the alluvial plain that predominates in the region. This via ferrata has 2 sections of different levels of difficulty, the first of which is level K2 and later there are sections of level K4/K5.

Something that characterizes the via ferrata of Callosa de Segura are its suspension bridges that defy the void.

If you do not have the necessary experience or knowledge to carry out this activity on your own, the best advice is to hire a guide / certified active tourism company that will accompany you during the adventure, making it possible for you to enjoy it in complete safety and without worries.


3. Via ferrata Redovan

Located on the slopes of the Sierra de Callosa (neighboring town), in this mountain range in the south of Alicante there is a true climbing mecca and, of course, the via ferratas also ask for passage. La Ferrata de Redován is located very close to the Los Pasos sports center, the municipal heated swimming pool and the municipal hostel.
It is one of the longest in the Valencian Community with its 130 meters high. Therefore, it has everything because certain sections are easy, but others require courage and pulling arms.


4. Relleu via ferrata

In our pilgrimage through the best Alicante via ferratas, we could not miss this one located in Relleu, which does not require great expertise as it is quite simple. In fact, it has obtained the qualification of K2; that is, little difficult.
To get to it we will have to leave Relleu in the direction of Aigües and take the first paved road that appears on the right. Pay attention to the indication of “Figuerets” and get on track in that direction.


5. Via Ferratas of Villena

Villena also claims its own via ferratas, so if you are from the area (or come from outside) you can enjoy two facilities:

  • Via Ferrata Sierra de la Villa
  • Via Ferrata Castle of Salvatierra.

These wonderful via ferratas are located in these two areas.


6. Via ferrata of l’Albir

We finish our walk through the heights of Alicante along this route that awaits the intrepid in an old recovered quarry that, in addition, gives us views of the great stone giant that embodies the Puig Campana. You have it fifteen minutes from Benidorm and it is perfect to start in the via ferrata.

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